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Pelephone Israel is the oldest cellular company in Israel. The company name becomes a landmark for a mobile phone, and the locals call their phones “Pelephone”

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Pelephone Israel Internet Speed Test

  • Pelephone speed test in Jerusalem
  • Pelephone speed test in Tel Aviv
  • Pelephone speed test in Haifa
  • Pelephone speed test in Tiberias
  • Pelephone speed test in Dead sea
  • Pelephone speed test in Eilat

Pelephone Israel plan prices

PriceDataDom. Calls / SMSValidExtras
RechargeStarter plan
₪59/$19₪99/$3070GBunlimited30days+ Unlimited DATA use for Facebook, Snapchat, Waze, Whatsapp and Instagram
₪79/$26₪115/$3480GBunlimited30days+ Unlimited DATA use for Facebook, Snapchat, Waze, Whatsapp and Instagram
₪99/$32₪135/$41500GBunlimited30days+ Unlimited DATA use for Facebook, Snapchat, Waze, Whatsapp and Instagram
₪76/$25₪110/$3420GBunlimited30days+ 30 NIS for internnational calls
₪140/$44₪175/$531000GBunlimited30days + 70 NIS for internnational calls
₪150/$45₪175/$54200GB30daysPelephone Israel DATA SIM card

Pelephone Mobile DATA Speed Test by Cities

We are making a mobile DATA speed test across the country for you, and you can see all the videos with the cellular DATA speed test on our YouTube channel. This information depends on many factors and gives an approximate idea of ​​the internet speed because it depends on your exact location and the antennas locations of the network provider. With this information, we want to show you roughly what the internet speed is by the city.

Pelephone Israel APN settings and service numbers

Pelephone APN Settings

  • Name: Pelephone
  • APN:
  • User Name: pcl@3g
  • Password: pcl

Pelephone service numbers

  • Check balance dial: *998
  • Check my phone number: 050 500 1011

Pelephone Israel coverage map and antennas places

You can see Pelephone coverage map here or to check all cellular antennas places in Israel.

pelephone and rami levy mobile - coverage map

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Pelephone Israel (Talk & Go) Additional Information

We had forgotten the days when we paid a fortune for using a mobile phone, and that’s a good thing. Today, thanks to the competition between cellular companies, customers receive low and attractive prices, and the companies compete with each other to provide the service at the lowest price.

One of the best programs offered by cellular companies is the Prepaid SIM Card program. Prepayment on usage and limited charging of money on the device, allowing full control over our expenses on mobile phones.

About the company

Pelephone Israel is the oldest cellular company in Israel. The company name becomes a landmark for a mobile phone, and most of the Israelis call their mobile phones Pelephone.

The company was founded in 1986 by Motorola and Tadiran and, in 2004, was bought by Bezeq, the largest communications corporation in Israel. Pelephone provides cellular services and sells smart mobile devices, including telephones, tablets, and laptops, as well as accessories.

As part of the privatization of the cellular sector, the company experienced a drastic decline in the number of customers, initially with the entry of Orange (now Partner) and Cellcom, and today with the entry of other competitors such as Rami Levy, HOT, and others.

Today, the company has a little more than 2 million subscribers. It employs about 2,500 people, mainly sales and service, at 80 points throughout the country. Most of the company’s managers are veteran employees who started as representatives at the service centers.

Pelephone’s infrastructure enjoys relative stability and few failures, and like all the large cellular companies, the service needs improvement.


The most significant benefit of the tracks is control over expenses. They are very suitable for children’s mobile devices, those who do not have a credit card, and those who do not want to identify themselves and more.

Another population that the Prepaid SIM card can serve well is tourists who need local calls and internet from the mobile phone, business people on a short visit, and anyone who comes to Israel for a fixed period.

The card can be adapted to any phone and replaced with the original SIM card. The prepaid card removes the need to match the phone to local calls; controlling the amount of expense is absolute.

Bonus card

Beyond the regular prepaid card on Pelephone, we also offer a bonus card, which includes additional programs such as free call minutes, a larger budget, a more extensive surfing plan, and more. The bonuses are offered to those who purchase prepaid plans at high costs. Still, the reward is limited in time, and it is essential to adjust to the target date.

FAQ – Pelephone Israel

What is Pelephone customer service numbers?

The customer service schedule is 8:00AM– 21:00PM Sunday to Thursday and 8:00AM – 13:00PM both Fridays and for the erev hag.
Accessing the customer service is easy. You just have to call *88 Ext 1-3 or *166 from the SIM card. The menu isn’t in English, but the customer service does offer English support. Alternatively, use the landline phone numbers like 1-700-558-088 and 050-7077788!

How to check Pelephone account balance?

You have an option to check your account balance anytime by dialing *998 from your prepaid Pelephone SIM card.

How to find out my Pelephone phone number?

To find out your Pelephone prepaid SIM card phone number just need to dial 050-5001011.

How to set up Pelephone APN settings?

By default the internet settings for Pelephone is automatically set, when you insert the SIM card in the phone. If for any reason you need to do the settings manually, here is the way how to do it.
Name: Pelephone
Username: pcl@3g
password: pcl
Please note that your internet connection is need to be 3G or 4G. Pelephone do not working on 2G network

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  1. People call me and it doesnt ring
    I get a “call silenced” message

    Why? Whats blocking calls from me?

    1. Currently, no telephone company in Israel offers prepaid SIM cards that support the 5G network. It is not yet known when they will be released on the market.

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