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Golan Telecom entered the cellular market in early 2012 as the fifth cellular company in Israel to increased competition between cellular companies in Israel

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Golan Telecom internet speed test

  • Golan speed test in Jerusalem
  • Golan speed test in Tel Aviv
  • Golan speed test in Haifa
  • Golan speed test in Tiberias
  • Golan speed test in Dead sea
  • Golan speed test in Eilat

Golan Telecom GOLANtalk Price List

PriceDataDom. Calls / SMSValidExtras
RechargeStarter plan
₪55/$17₪85/$2550GBunlimited30daysPrepaid SIM Card Golan Telecom Israel
₪69/$19₪95/$28100GBunlimited30days+ 30 Golan Telecom International Call Credits
₪69/$24₪115/$34200GBunlimited30days+ 40 Golan Telecom International Call Credits
₪69/$30₪135/$40500GBunlimited30days+ 50 Golan Telecom International Call Credits
₪69/$41₪175/$521000GBunlimited30days+ 100 Golan Telecom International Call Credits
₪50/$16₪89/$27check rates365days50 Golan Telecom International Call Credits
₪100/$30₪149/$46check rates365days 100 Golan Telecom International Call Credits

Golan Mobile DATA Speed test by Cities

We are making a mobile DATA speed test across the country for you, and you can see all the videos with the cellular DATA speed test on our YouTube channel. This information depends on many factors and gives an approximate idea of ​​the internet speed because it depends on your exact location and the antennas locations of the network provider. With this information, we want to show you roughly what the internet speed is by the city.

Golan Telecom APN settings and service numbers

Golan Telecom APN Settings

  • Name: Golan
  • APN: internet.golantelecom.net.il

Golan Telecom Service Numbers

  • Check your balance: *998#
  • check your phone number: *222#

Golan coverage map and antennas places

You can see Golan coverage map here or to check all cellular antennas places in Israel.

Golan Telecom Coverage Map
Golan Telecom Coverage Map

Most popular mobile operators in Israel:

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Golan Telecom – GOLANtalk

The main difference between prepaid cards and regular post-pay cards is the degree of control over how much we spend when using our cellphones.

Regular SIM cards, we paid after the use and according to the extent of how much we used our phone. With prepaid cards, you pay in advance, and the card works until the end of the plan or amount. Golan-Telecom is the latest company to be added to the ever-growing prepaid card market.

For who is it suitable?

Prepaid cards are ideal for young people whose parents want full control over mobile phone expenses, a fixed budget that can not go over. They are excellent for those who do not have credit cards such as foreign workers and anyone who wants to save on expenses, such as students.

Since most prepaid cards are charging and because the cards can be bought at cash at different points of sale rather than in the phone company and without identification.

Golan Israel

Golan Telecom entered the cellular communications market in early 2012 as the fifth mobile provider company in Israel. In retrospect was one of the companies that led to increased competition between cellular companies in Israel, thanks to the low prices that the company instituted at the beginning of its activity.

Until Golan Telecom entered the cellular market, the billing model imposed by the mobile providers was a fixed charge for air time, which led to high prices.

Golan-Telecom’s billing model offered a fixed and low monthly charge, with no limit on air time. This model was successfully tested in France by the company’s owners and has affected the decline in cellular communications prices in the country.

After the launch of Golan in May 2012, and with the introduction of its new prices, which were significantly cheaper than competitors’ prices, the other companies were forced to align and lower the costs as well.

Electra currently owns Golan-Telecom.


Golan entered the prepaid sector only in the middle of 2018. The company’s opening operations offered meager prices for the first few months. The company’s prepaid cards are called GOLANtalk, and initially, they were marketed through an external company called TCM.

Today, GOLANtalk cards cost more or less as much as HOT‘s and Pelephone‘s cards, which is a little more than Rami Levy‘s price and a little less than Partner‘s. It also includes unique cards that enable calling abroad, special packages for internet surfing only, packages for chargeable cards, and more.

FAQ – Golan Telecom

Where are Golan Telecom Locations?

There is many of Golan Telecom locations you have in Tel Aviv, in Petah Tikva, Ramat Gan and all around the country.

Where to find Golan Telecom English website?

On the official website of Golan Telecom you can to find the English version by clicking on the switch in the top left corner.

What Golan Telecom Plans exist?

Golan Telecom plans are one of the cheapest options on the mobile market in Israel today. The most popular plants are 49 shakes with 40GB and 69 shekels with 75GB.

How to do Golan Telecom APN settings?

Type Golan Telecom in to the feld Name, and internet.golantelecom.net.il in to the feld APN.

Golan International Calls Price

Must use a Golan-Telecom prepaid sim card to dial, only through dialing 016, according to the price list of Golan Telecom International prepaid price list on Golan Telecom website, billing charges is per second, does not support outgoing calls to Israel, does not support outgoing SMS, but can receive calls and SMS from any destination worldwide, the charge is valid for 365 days.

  • Price per NIS per minute including VAT. Billing time units are one second
  • The prices listed above are correct as of the publication date of the 06.11.2019 tariff
  • Rates do not include calls to premium destinations and / or content destinations and / or satellite destinations for which there will be an additional charge
  • The tariffs do not include dialing through the international switchboard or through a calling card or any other type of service, including satellite telephone service and / or calls to destinations abroad (value added services / telephone trading) and / or premium services and / or participation in competitions, games and interactive activities by any means, including through voice services
  • Prices may change from time to time

Dial: 016 + country code + phone number

Call from Israel to:Fix/ LandlineMobile
USA₪ 0.07₪ 0.07
France₪ 0.16₪ 0.33
Russia₪ 0.21₪ 0.35
Canada₪ 0.07₪ 0.07
United Kingdom₪ 0.12₪ 0.18
India₪ 0.13₪ 0.19
Philippines₪ 0.69₪ 0.82
Thailand₪ 0.19₪ 0.19
China₪ 0.11₪ 0.11
Nepal₪ 0.82₪ 0.82
Romania₪ 0.18₪ 0.33
Andorra₪ 0.32₪ 1.91
Argentina₪ 0.16₪ 1.16
Armenia₪ 1.84Blocked
Australia₪ 0.20₪ 0.64
Austria₪ 0.25₪ 2.07
Bahamas₪ 1.79₪ 2.46
Bahrain₪ 0.94₪ 0.99
Bangladesh₪ 0.29₪ 0.31
Barbados₪ 2.69₪ 2.04
Belgium₪ 0.20₪ 2.40
Belize₪ 2.04₪ 2.04
Bermuda₪ 0.51₪ 3.51
Bhutan₪ 0.58₪ 0.60
Bolivia₪ 1.72₪ 1.84
Bosnia & Herzegovina₪ 2.69₪ 4.98
Botswana₪ 1.50₪ 2.69
Brazil₪ 0.20₪ 0.76
British Virgin Island₪ 2.24₪ 1.52
Brunei₪ 0.27₪ 2.48
Bulgaria₪ 0.76₪ 3.36
Burkina Faso₪ 2.69Blocked
Cambodia₪ 0.50₪ 0.57
Cameroon₪ 1.97₪ 3.14
Canada₪ 0.07₪ 0.07
Chile₪ 0.34₪ 0.44
China₪ 0.11₪ 0.11
Colombia₪ 0.25₪ 0.33
CongoBlocked₪ 4.75
Costa Rica₪ 0.31₪ 0.66
Croatia₪ 1.32₪ 1.52
Cyprus₪ 0.45₪ 0.70
Czech Republic₪ 0.22₪ 0.67
Denmark₪ 0.18₪ 0.44
Djibouti₪ 2.93₪ 3.63
Dominica₪ 1.80₪ 2.10
Dominican Republic₪ 0.58₪ 1.11
Ecuador₪ 1.12₪ 1.81
Egypt₪ 0.73₪ 1.08
El Salvador₪ 2.69₪ 2.69
Eritrea₪ 1.40₪ 1.70
Estonia₪ 0.22₪ 3.11
Ethiopia₪ 1.64₪ 1.64
Faroe Islands₪ 1.09₪ 2.93
Finland₪ 3.04₪ 3.04
France₪ 0.16₪ 0.33
French Guiana₪ 7.33₪ 2.48
French Polynesia₪ 2.69₪ 4.93
Gabon₪ 4.48Blocked
Georgia₪ 2.08₪ 2.08
Germany₪ 0.16₪ 0.33
Ghana₪ 1.64₪ 1.64
Gibraltar₪ 0.37₪ 2.69
Greece₪ 0.20₪ 0.54
Grenada₪ 2.69₪ 2.69
Guadeloupe₪ 0.90₪ 1.79
Guatemala₪ 1.12₪ 2.69
Honduras₪ 11.02₪ 2.69
Hong kong₪ 0.13₪ 0.19
Hungary₪ 0.47₪ 0.54
Iceland₪ 0.18₪ 0.72
India₪ 0.13₪ 0.19
Indonesia₪ 0.34₪ 0.49
Iran₪ 1.64Blocked
Ireland₪ 0.43₪ 0.85
Italy₪ 0.16₪ 2.52
Ivory Coast₪ 3.09₪ 3.32
Japan₪ 0.22₪ 0.72
Jordan₪ 1.38₪ 1.60
Kazakhstan₪ 0.38₪ 3.73
Kenya₪ 1.55₪ 1.76
Korea South₪ 0.18₪ 0.27
Kuwait₪ 0.73₪ 0.85
Kyrgyzstan₪ 1.35₪ 1.76
Laos₪ 0.70₪ 1.35
Latvia₪ 1.57₪ 2.69
Lebanon₪ 0.80₪ 1.54
Liechtenstein₪ 0.77₪ 2.51
Lithuania₪ 1.30₪ 3.02
Luxembourg₪ 1.52₪ 1.53
Macao₪ 2.93₪ 4.40
Macedonia₪ 1.48₪ 3.58
Malaysia₪ 0.41₪ 0.23
Malta₪ 1.29₪ 3.64
Marshall IslandsBlocked₪ 17.48
Martinique₪ 2.48₪ 2.48
Mauritius₪ 1.29₪ 1.99
Mexico₪ 0.22₪ 0.63
Moldova₪ 2.20₪ 3.05
Monaco₪ 1.08₪ 2.49
MongoliaBlocked₪ 1.11
Montenegro₪ 3.28₪ 3.28
MontserratBlocked₪ 4.10
Morocco₪ 0.54₪ 3.74
Myanmar₪ 2.23₪ 2.39
Nepal₪ 0.82₪ 0.82
Netherland Antilles₪ 3.53₪ 3.04
Netherlands₪ 0.18₪ 0.59
New Caledonia₪ 2.24₪ 5.85
New Zealand₪ 0.18₪ 0.40
Nicaragua₪ 2.24₪ 2.69
Norway₪ 0.18₪ 0.44
Oman₪ 0.92₪ 2.69
Palestinian Territories₪ 0.94₪ 1.46
Panama₪ 0.63₪ 1.09
Paraguay₪ 0.27₪ 0.59
Peru₪ 0.27₪ 0.90
Philippines₪ 0.69₪ 0.82
Poland₪ 0.18₪ 0.67
Portugal₪ 0.18₪ 0.49
Puerto Rico₪ 0.13₪ 6.55
Qatar₪ 1.47₪ 1.57
Reunion₪ 5.85₪ 2.02
Romania₪ 0.18₪ 0.33
Russia₪ 0.21₪ 0.35
San Marino₪ 2.69₪ 3.98
Saudi Arabia₪ 0.59₪ 0.94
Serbia₪ 9.68₪ 3.58
Singapore₪ 0.31₪ 0.16
Slovakia₪ 0.42₪ 0.90
Slovenia₪ 1.78₪ 3.55
SolomonBlocked₪ 22.35
South Africa₪ 1.43₪ 1.30
South Korea₪ 5.85₪ 4.40
Spain₪ 3.49₪ 0.40
Sri Lanka₪ 1.50₪ 1.45
St Lucia₪ 2.48₪ 2.48
Swaziland₪ 2.02₪ 3.73
Sweden₪ 0.16₪ 0.44
Switzerland₪ 0.66₪ 4.04
Syria₪ 2.07₪ 3.12
Sudan₪ 1.05₪ 1.05
Taiwan₪ 0.16₪ 0.95
Thailand₪ 0.19₪ 0.19
Togo₪ 3.33₪ 3.33
Turkey₪ 0.30₪ 1.46
Turkmenistan₪ 1.79₪ 4.40
Ukraine₪ 1.15₪ 2.15
United Arab Emirates₪ 1.39₪ 1.38
United Kingdom₪ 0.12₪ 0.18
Uruguay₪ 0.41₪ 1.36
USA₪ 0.07₪ 0.07
Uzbekistan₪ 0.81₪ 0.81
Venezuela₪ 0.20₪ 0.69
Viet nam₪ 0.57₪ 0.61
Western Samoa₪ 4.98₪ 4.98
Zambia₪ 1.77₪ 4.12
Zimbabwe₪ 3.86₪ 3.86

Golan Reviews

18 thoughts on “Golan Telecom”

  1. Hello,
    Can I recharge the SIM card from golan with the phone number 0587002924.
    And the number 209892704264.
    Mirjam Günther

    1. You can only top up if your card is prepaid SIM cards of Golan Telecom. If yours is a prepaid sim card, and you have used it at least once in the last one year, yes you can top up your sim card.

  2. Hi. Golan – do they provide internet service? This is all I need. Do they sell/provide a router or can I use my own. I heard they provide a SIM card, and that different speeds will depend on price paid.
    I am currently using Bezeq, paying for 100/10 and only getting 40/10. They don’t provide fibre to our area yet. Any suggestions?

    1. Golan Telecom is a mobile service provider in Israel that offers prepaid and postpaid mobile plans as well as home internet service. They provide internet service over the cellular network, so it may be an option for you if fiber internet is not available in your area.

      As for their internet plans, They offer different internet packages with different speeds and data limits. You can choose a package according to your needs, the price you are willing to pay and the speed you need. They also offer a router for a monthly fee or you can use your own device.

      Regarding your current service provider, Bezeq, if you’re experiencing a lack of speed, it’s possible that you are in an area where there are a lot of users on the network and that could be causing congestion and slower speeds. You may want to check with Bezeq if they have plans to upgrade the network in your area.

      It is always a good idea to compare the plans, prices, coverage and customer service of different providers before making a decision. You can also check online reviews and ask for recommendations from friends or family to make sure that you choose a provider that best suits your needs.

  3. I am a GOLAN subscriber, returning to Israel after stay in USA. I am purchasing a iPhone 8 or 9, unlocked. Will my current SIM card 9i think macro not micro) fit. Where in New York area can I get the right size SIM card.

    1. Hi I think in New York you can’t find a branch of Golan Telecom but in Israel, you will get the exact size

  4. Michael Schonberg

    My telecomGolan SIM card 091113559278 has been blocked. WHY ?
    I purchased another telecom Golan SIM card 091108122058.
    Can I exchange the cards to unblock ? HOW ?


    1. Hello,
      the phone number was recharged successfully, so the only issue that it’s can be the phone number that you put in the order is wrong. Can you please check it and give us know.

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