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Cellcom Israel was the second company to open in Israel in the cellular field, and it won the tender after pledging to give a low consumer price for five years

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Cellcom Mobile Internet speed test

  • Cellcom speed test in Jerusalem
  • Cellcom speed test in Tel Aviv
  • Cellcom speed test in Haifa
  • Cellcom speed test in Tiberias
  • Cellcom speed test in Dead sea
  • Cellcom speed test in Eilat

Cellcom Mobile Price List

Prices in this table are for recharging (Top Up) plans of Cellcom Israel and for starter Cellcom Israel prepaid SIM Card PayAsYouGo plans.

PriceDataDom. Calls / SMSValidExtras
RechargeStarter plan
₪49/$17₪85/$273GBunlimited7daysCellcom Israel Prepaid SIM Card
₪59/$20₪95/$29150GBunlimited30days+ Unlimited DATA use for Facebook, Waze, Whatsapp and Instagram
₪79/$26₪115/$35300GBunlimited30days+ 40 NIS for international calls + Unlimited DATA use for Facebook, Waze, Whatsapp and Instagram
₪99/$32₪135/$40500GBunlimited30days+ 50 NIS for international calls + Unlimited DATA use for Facebook, Waze, Whatsapp and Instagram
₪140/$45₪175/$521000GBunlimited30days+ 75 NIS for international calls + Unlimited DATA use for Facebook, Waze, Whatsapp and Instagram

Cellcom Mobile DATA speed by cities

We are making a mobile DATA speed test across the country for you, and you can see all the videos with the cellular DATA speed test on our YouTube channel. This information depends on many factors and gives an approximate idea of ​​the internet speed because it depends on your exact location and the antennas locations of the network provider. With this information, we want to show you roughly what the internet speed is by the city.

Cellcom Israel APN settings and service numbers

APN settings

  • Name: Cellcom Israel
  • APN: internetg

Service Numbers

  • Customer service: *777
  • Check your balance: *777 and press 2
  • check your phone number: *777 and press 4

Cellcom Israel coverage map and antennas places

You can see Cellcom coverage map here or to check all cellular antennas places in Israel.

Cellcom coverage map

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Cellcom Israel Talkman (Prepaid)

The days when Pelephone controlled the cellular market have entirely long since been forgotten. Not many people remember that Cellcom Israel was the second-largest cellular company in Israel.

The entry of Cellcom into the cellular market started the price competition in the mobile market, which is now reaching a record high thanks to a large number of cellular companies. This competition led to various plans designed to save us expenses, such as prepaid plans, which Cellcom is called Talkman.

What is Prepaid?

Prepaid is a program that allows full customer control over expenses on the cellular phone. In every company, it called by another name. At Cellcom, the prepaid program is called Talkman.

This idea of ​​the program is to prepay for a certain amount of air time, that is, calls, SMS, and mobile DATA. Tokman program is not limited in time but use and is therefore excellent for those who need a little use of the mobile over a long period. Excellent for parents who want to restrict the children’s spending on the phone and more.

For the company

Founded in 1994 and since 2015 has been the most abundant cellular company in Israel. Cellcom was the second company to open in Israel in the cellular field, and it won the tender after pledging to give a low consumer price for at least five years.

The difference between Cellcom’s price and Pelephone’s price, which until then had enjoyed a cellular monopoly, was eight times higher. Still, once the company’s commitment period was low, Cellcom raised the price of using mobile phones to the private sector in a reduced manner.

Together with the low price, Cellcom had unreliable image due to the lack of base stations and lack of coverage for absorption in some regions of the country.

At the end of the 1990s, awareness of the danger of radiation from cellular antennas increased in Israel. Therefore the company found it challenging to install antennas in certain places. In some cases, the antennas were prevented by legal orders.

Today, as stated, this is the largest cellular company in Israel.

Cellcom Israel Prepaid Talkman

Talkman payment track is determined in advance by the user, depending on the amount of use he wants. Israeli prepaid sim card from Cellcom does not have monthly usage fees. Talkman’s prepaid route and the price includes voice and caller ID services at no charge, provided that it is over 60 NIS.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Talkman

The advantages and disadvantages of Cellcom’s Talkman track are similar to the advantages and disadvantages of all the other prepaid records. Apart from Talkman’s low price if compared with the costs of the prepaid tracks in the other companies.

The advantages of prepaid programs include low airtime prices compared with other applications and more convenient control over expenses.

Israeli prepaid sim programs in general, and the Talkman programs, in particular, are very suitable for those who change addresses and phone numbers frequently. For example, students and for those who want to keep their privacy and not reveal their phone number.

The drawbacks of prepaid programs include the inability to make calls abroad and receive various content services. There are limit browsing times, messages, and appeals.

A word about privacy

Since the Talkman is sold in parking lots that do not require the user ID, such as kiosks and other places. The payment is usually made in cash and low amounts, and it gives total anonymity to the user on the card. Besides, the card is one-time, meaning that the number is valid for the period of use only and changes with the purchase of a new card.

On the one hand, it is convenient and efficient. On the other hand, the police are afraid that it allows criminal or hostile elements to use Talkman cards in their favor.

FAQ – Cellcom Israel

Where to find Cellcom service center?

Cellcom service center is possible to find in almost any city in the country, in Tel Aviv you will find them in Dizengoff Center. You can also call them to customer service phone number 1-800-071-071. The schedule is 8:00AM – 21:00PM Sunday to Thursday. During every holiday and Fridays, the schedule is 8:00AM – 13:00PM!

Where to see Cellcom Israel coverage map?

Cellcom cellular data network coverage map On this page can see the map represents the coverage of Cellcom 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G mobile network.

How to change Cellcom menu language?

If you want to change the menu language, all you need is to dial *777, and then you have to press 7 to choose any of the languages listed below:
1 for Hebrew
2 for Arabic
3 for Russian
4 for English
5 for Chines

How to find my Cellcom Israel phone number?

In case you forgot the phone number, just call *777 and ext 4 to hear the number. This works only on the Cellcom SIM cards.

How to check Cellcom balance?

You will be able to find out the current credit balance simply by dialing *777 from the SIM card. The call is free, and you will have to press 3 if you want to receive an SMS with a current balance or press 2 if you want to hear the balance. If you want to receive an SMS, you will have to pay a small fee!

58 thoughts on “Cellcom Israel”

  1. Chikumbutso Frackson

    I just recently bought SIM cards but I’m not Accessing the internet despite buying a internet bundle

    1. The price of a SIM card in Israel depends on factors like the telecom provider, plan type, and available promotions.

      Typically, the price range for a basic Israeli SIM card can be anywhere from 20 to 50 shekels (ILS). Providers may give free or discounted SIM cards when bundled with prepaid plans or data packages (and we sell these bundled plans in the suggestion section on our website).

      It’s recommended to check our homepage suggestion section for the most up-to-date pricing information.

    1. To make an international call, simply dial 013 followed by the country code and phone number, without adding any extra symbols or spaces.

  2. I am a new oleh. I was issued a sim card with an Israeli phone number on arrival. I want to sign up with Cellcom permanently. MAY I KEEP MY ORIGINAL ISSUED PHONE NUMBER?

    1. As a third-party reseller, we specialize in prepaid SIM card options. For monthly plans, specifically the 49 shekel plan, we recommend reaching out to Cellcom directly. They have representatives who can help you in English. They will assist you with all the details and help you choose the best plan for you.

  3. Can 8 have cellcom or orange as eSIM because I don’t want to remove my original SIM card and I don’t have other phone.


    1. Hello,
      The prepaid services offered by the mobile companies you mentioned do not currently have an eSIM option available.

    1. Hello,
      At the airport in Tel Aviv you can only buy prepaid sim cards of the company 019 Mobile, but they are 3 times more expensive than usual.

  4. Thank you for your generous reply
    What I want to emphasize is that if I buy your “prepaid sim card”
    Plug in a mobile phone that supports volte to be able to make a volte call

    1. We approached the operators with this question, and they explained that this service is not included in the prepaid SIM cards that we offer.

  5. Hello,
    May I know the prepaid SIM card (Cellcom\Partner\Pelephone\HOT) can use volte call and wifi call or not?
    VoLTE (Voice over LTE)

    1. Hello, The companies you mentioned are top professionals in telecommunication services and offer the most innovative methods of communication. They support the connection method you ask about, as long as your phone supports them.

  6. Hi. I am from Mauritius and i was in israel last month. I wanted to activate my israeli sim cart as my whatsapp here in Mauritius. Is it possible. Thank you

    1. Hello,
      Israeli prepaid SIM cards don’t work abroad, so you won’t be able to do this.

    1. You will be able to find out the current credit balance simply by dialing *777 from the SIM card. The call is free, and you will have to press 3 if you want to receive an SMS with a current balance or press 2 if you want to hear the balance. If you want to receive an SMS, you will have to pay a small fee!

  7. I am visiting Israel and I bought a SIM card. All I got was a SIM card . I have the phone number etc on the back. How do I activate it. There are no instruction on your website. Please send me a link

    1. Hello,
      Prepaid eSIM cards in Israel are not yet available from official cellular providers. As soon as they are available, they will be offered on our website.

  8. I bought a phone from Cellcom around 4 or 5 years ago. Will it still work in Israel for local calls this year, or is the technology too outdated?

    1. Hello,
      Even if it’s old you can use it it’s not matter. The question is how long you didn’t use your sim card, because if you didn’t use it more than two years it’s actually will not work.

    1. Hello ,

      The Israeli prepaid SIM card from Cellcom expires 2 years after the last use.

  9. Mary Kate Godfrey

    Hello – I recharged my SIMcard using this website, clicked the link that confirmed my payment, but my service still has not kicked in. Please help.

  10. rachel hochhauser

    hi, I just paid to recharge my number – 0529950416 but it still has no internet, please can this be fixed ASAP.

    1. ​We sent a payment verification link to your PayPal email address. Please click on the verification link to approve your payment.
      * If you have not received your verification mail within 10 minutes, please check your junk/spam email folder.
      A human manages all orders! Each order, placed or approved after 09:00 PM, will be executed the next day at 8:30 AM Israel time!

    1. Hello
      Only company employees can do this.
      You can go to the nearest branch and ask them to cancel your voicemail.

  11. I recently got a cellcom sim for the month I was in Israel. I am now back in the UK and planning to go back to Israel in about 6 weeks. Does the card / number get deactivated if I don’t keep it topped up in between visits or can I just top up and continue using when I next return?

    1. Hello,
      Yes, you can top it up. The Israeli SIM cards a valid one year if you’re not used, so after six weeks you can to top it up, no problem.

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