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Partner Israel (formerly Orange) is one of the three leading cellular companies on the Israeli mobile network market.

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Partner Mobile Internet speed test

  • Partner speed test in Jerusalem
  • Partner speed test in Tel Aviv
  • Partner speed test in Haifa
  • Partner speed test in Tiberias
  • Partner speed test in Dead sea
  • Partner speed test in Eilat

Partner Mobile Price List.

PriceDataDom. Calls / SMSValidExtras
RechargeStarter plan
₪50/$17₪85/$2610GBunlimited7daysOrange Partner Prepaid SIM Card
₪59/$20₪95/$28150GBunlimited30days+ Unlimited DATA use for Facebook, Waze, Whatsapp and Instagram
₪69/$23₪105/$32200GBunlimited30days+ 30 NIS for international calls
+ Unlimited DATA use for Facebook,
Waze, Whatsapp and Instagram
₪79/$26₪115/$36300GBunlimited30days+ 50 NIS for international calls
+ Unlimited DATA use for Facebook,
Waze, Whatsapp and Instagram
₪99/$32₪135/$41500GBunlimited30days+ 50 NIS for international calls
+ Unlimited DATA use for Facebook,
Waze, Whatsapp and Instagram
₪159/$50₪195/$581000GBunlimited30days+ 110 NIS for international calls
+ Unlimited DATA use for Facebook, Waze, Whatsapp and Instagram

Orange Partner Mobile DATA Speed test

We are making a mobile DATA speed test across the country for you, and you can see all the videos with the cellular DATA speed test on our YouTube channel. This information depends on many factors and gives an approximate idea of ​​the internet speed because it depends on your exact location and the antennas locations of the network provider. With this information, we want to show you roughly what the internet speed is by the city.

Partner Israel APN settings service numbers

New APN settings

  • Name: Partner Israel
  • APN: uinternet

Old APN settings

  • Name: Partner Israel
  • APN:
  • Username: orange
  • Password: mobile54

Service Numbers

  • Customer service: *111
  • Check your balance: *111#
  • check your phone number: *054#

Partner Israel coverage map

You can see the coverage map here or to check all cellular antennas places in Israel.

Partner Coverage Map

Hello and thank you for your interest in this content. We look forward to hearing from you and answering any question you may have.

About Partner Israel (Orange)

The best solution for those who want full control over their spending on mobile communications and those who do not have a credit card is purchasing a SIM card. Today, almost all prepaid cards can be purchased from all the cellular companies, and all we have to do is choose the card that is right for us. Everything you wanted to know about BIGTALK, Partner’s prepaid card.

What’s the Deal

Prepaid cards are disposable or rechargeable cards that allow us to recharge them for a certain amount of time, depending on the budget we have. When the money charged on the card is over, it is possible to continue receiving calls or SMS messages only, but you can not send calls, text messages or surf, including Whatsap calls made over the Internet.

Globally, the prepaid system is very common, while in Israel the popularity of cards is still relatively low, even though they have existed in the market for several years now. Their biggest advantage is the possible control over mobile expenses, so a prepaid card can be useful for parents of young people who want to limit their expenses on the cellular phone and anyone with a budget.

Prepaid SIM cards

Because the prepaid cards are prepaid, before and after use, you can pay for the cards in cash and buy them at various points of sale around the country, such as kiosks, supermarkets or post offices, and not necessarily at the company itself, this makes the card is accessible and available to foreign workers, for example, tourists, students and more.

Most cellular companies now offer prepaid cards under different conditions, with monthly subscription or without, charging or one-time, with calls to or without, for calls only, for surfing only, with access to advanced services of the company or without, etc. Anyone can find Including the card that suits him or her best, for the price and service.

Partner Israel

Partner Israel (formerly Orange) is one of the three leading cellular companies in the market, although with the entry of new companies in recent years, the company suffered a 30% reduction in its customers. The company operates a cellular network under the name Partner and under 012 mobile. It also provides local telephone services, internet surfing and international calls, and even launched media services under the name PARTNER TV. The company’s antenna network serves both Partner’s customers and HOT Mobile customers, in accordance with the agreement signed between the two companies in 2016.

Partner Israel BIG TALK

Partner’s prepaid cards are called BIGTALK and come in several options, including or without advanced services such as voicemail, song playing instead of dial tone, and more.

One of Partner”s unique services, in the BIGTALK card system, is the ability to keep up to date on your balance with on-screen electronic display or through a phone call, so you can know where you stand exactly in terms of your planned expenses.

FAQ – Partner Israel

How much Partner DATA SIM Card cost?

It’s depending the plan that is included with the SIM card. Usually only DATA SIM card is more expensive then to buy a sim card with local calls and data together.

How Partner voicemail works?

Usually, this won’t require any password. If you need to add a password, then write 1111#. The password is requested only when you tend to check the voice mail from another phone. Either way, you will receive instructions from the menu, and the process will be very intuitive. When you want to access the voice mail from another phone, just dial the phone number and at the time when the VM will pick up, just add the password!

How to find your Partner (Orange) phone number?

Usually, this won’t require any password. If you need to add a password, then write 1111#. The password is requested only when you tend to check the voice mail from another phone. Either way, you will receive instructions from the menu, and the process will be very intuitive. When you want to access the voice mail from another phone, just dial the phone number and at the time when the VM will pick up, just add the password!

How to change the language of Partner SIM Card?

In order to change the current language to a new one, all you have to do is to Dial *111 ext. 7 and then you can select one of the languages listed below:
1 for Hebrew,
2 for Russian,
3 for Arabic,
4 for English,
5 for Chinese

How much Partner international calls cost?

With prepaid Partner Israeli SIM card is it possible to do international calls, but it’s very expensive (It’s depending on which country you call but the cheapest calls are to USA and its cost around 1.30 per minutes). Usually people using internet application like WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype, Viber and many more to do international calls. If you need to call from Israel abroad to mobile phone number without application the cheapest way to do it is using Google Hangouts application or to get a Golan Telecom SIM Card.

Partner Israel Reviews

77 thoughts on “Partner Israel”

  1. Hello,
    I live in Israel but currently abroad.
    I erased by mistake the WhatsApp account associated to my Israeli number ( monthly subscription).
    I need to recreate the WhatsApp account but as I am abroad and Partner offers no roaming I do not have a chance to receive the 6 digit code to confirm my identity. Any solution for this?

    1. It’s important to differentiate between prepaid SIM cards and regular monthly plans. While prepaid SIMs typically do not include roaming services, regular subscription plans usually offer this feature. Given your current situation with WhatsApp and the need to receive a verification code while abroad, we advise you to contact Partner’s customer service directly. They can provide assistance in activating roaming on your monthly plan, enabling you to receive the necessary code for your WhatsApp account. Partner’s team is equipped to offer detailed guidance and support for your specific needs while overseas.

  2. Hi sir.
    I am outside the country, used a different SIM card now I want to put back partner SIM card but it needs the sim pin to work but I don’t know it could you help me. Thank you very much.

    1. Israeli prepaid sim cards come with unactivated pin codes. If it asks you for a PIN code, it means that the owner of the SIM card has activated it.

  3. Hallo, I have recharged my Partner sim card with 100 shekel the day 07/08/2023, receiving the confirmation email that the recharge was successful.
    On day 08/08 internet was working well, today, 09/08, internet doesn’t work. What happen? my mobile number is +972 054 9713647.

    1. Hello, the phone number you mention is not associated with any order on our websites. Please contact the place where you paid to explain exactly what happened.
      According to your explanation, you may have recharged 100 shekels as a balance, not as a monthly charge, and that is why this situation occurred.

  4. Мне звонят незнакомые номера и говорят что у меня есть пропущенный вызов от меня но я некому из них не звонил и я не знаю

    1. Лучше всего связаться с «Партнером» напрямую, если это продолжится.

    1. Hello,
      If you have a prepaid SIM card, you can change the operator. Most phone stores in Israel will help you do it. Note that prepaid SIM cards do not have a roaming option.

  5. Hello Sirs
    On may 22 I recharged my Partner phone #0546668720 (99 Shequel/ $32).
    For some reason I can’t surf on the Internet.

    Please advise what is going on.

    1. Hello,
      Please enter your mailbox “p****”, find the verification email and press the “verify payment” button.

    1. Hello, We are specialists and focused on the sale of Israeli SIM Cards for tourists visiting Israel. We currently have no plans to specialize in international SIM cards.

    2. Unfortunately, at the moment, the mobile company “Partner” does not provide an eSIM option for their prepaid services.

    1. Hello,
      If you have a prepaid sim card, you just need to insert the sim card into the phone, and it will start working.

  6. Hello,
    My sim card phone number is is 972 54 788 1567. I cannot receive in coming calls from Canada and not all calls made to this number from another israel number does not always go through.
    Can you help me with this problem.
    Thank you

  7. Hello, I am located in Germany. can I check the balance of my prepaid Card somehow over the internet, or can I call the balance by the Card from outside Israel.

    1. Hello,
      No, there is no such possibility. The only way is to be in Israel and call from the phone number you want to get information about.

  8. Hello! I got a partner prepaid Partner SIM card. I love the packages and the coverage Partner provide, and I would really love to keep my number.
    Do I understand it correctly, that I can recharge it as soon as my current 30 days plan ends? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi ,
      Yes, you got it right. When the plan expires, you can recharge it. Here is a link to the page where you can choose a plan and recharge your Partner SIM Card if you decide to use our services. On our website you can also do a scheduled recharge for example, this is an option that many people use and are happy with.

    1. Hello,
      Prepaid SIM cards are not written by name, and for this reason companies cannot give you the same number if you lose the card.

  9. Hello, does an Israeli Partner SIM card with the monthly Partner plan (not prepaid) work in USA to receive text messages ?

    1. An Israeli Partner SIM card with a monthly plan would likely not work for receiving text messages in the USA or will work at a very expensive monthly price, as it is primarily designed for use on the Partner network in Israel.

      Some international roaming plans may be available through Partner or other Israeli carriers, but it’s best to check with them directly to see if they have any options available that would allow you to use your Israeli SIM card in the USA and if so, what would be the cost.

  10. Hello,
    My name is Dion Blanchard, I work for Thomson Reuters. TR has a need for additional DID numbers in Jerusalem as part of a global Unified Communications project. A local TR representative placed the DID order locally, but I am now trying to follow up with Partner to understand the next steps in the process and to discuss our expectations on service delivery and billing processes. Can someone (English speaking please), please contact me on this?

  11. Hello! I bought your sim card but it has only 3g and phone periodically loses connection. My wife has another Partner SIM card and it works well.

  12. Hello,
    I see that some people asked a similar question before.
    I have a SIM CARD and I was outside of Israel for 7 months, last time I recharged it was in January 2022.
    It would still be active? I am travelling next week and my intention is to keep the same number.
    How much time have to pass before it is deactivated?
    Thank you.

  13. I have a USA Samsung Galaxy S10e (issued by an American company called Consumer Cellular) and I’d like to know if my Partner Bigtalk SIM will work in that phone. Please respond. Thank you.

    1. Hello ,
      Israeli prepaid sim cards work with all types of phones. The only rule that needs to be met is that the phone is not blocked by your company, so please contact your company and ask them if your phone is blocked or unlocked. If it is unlocked, you can use it with an Israeli prepaid sim card.

  14. I live in the USA but I have a phone with a prepaid (Bigtalk) Israeli SIM that I use in Israel. I refill that SIM card every year even if I’m in the USA.
    Question: I would like to know if I can switch that SIM card to a different phone that used to be on a USA network. If I do that, will the new phone work when I go to Israel?

    1. Hello,
      Recharging the SIM card does not mean that you are extending the term of the SIM card itself, it must be used in Israel to be extended and not just recharged.
      If you have not been in Israel for more than two years and have not used this SIM card in Israel regardless of the fact that you have recharged it, it will be canceled and will not work.
      Israeli prepaid SIM cards work with all phones, the only rule is that the phone must be unblocked.

    1. Hello
      Israeli prepaid SIM cards do not work outside of Israel. There is nothing you can do for now, but we are working to find a solution.

  15. Michail Trivyzadakis

    IGood day
    i have aan israeli Big talk number orange and since marxh 2020 i didnt come to israel again.15 February i m coming to israel can i charge my number or i must start all over again?

  16. Michail Trivyzadakis

    Dear due to covid 19 pandemic i didnt come israer since march 2020.I have israeli simcard orange BIGTALK .I am coming on 15 february again in israel.Does it exist my number in order to reactivate it or i must start all over again?
    Thank you.
    Michael Trivyzadakis

  17. My name is Yoav Eytam. My number is 054-213-2445.
    I live in South Africa, and only use the phone when I visit Israel.
    I am currently on a 9.90 Shekels plan.
    Please extend this plan for the next 3 months.
    Please confirm by e-mail.
    Thanks and regards,

  18. Hi
    I bought a Partner sim card last October when I was in Israel. It was only valid for 30 days but I have kept the Sim card in my spare iPhone and know the number.
    I am visiting Israel again in a weeks time and want to know if I can recharge the card or have to start all over again and get a new number.

  19. Ilse Wellershoff-Schuur

    1. I had a normal mobile phone whenever visiting Israel (until November 2019) – with a number (orange bigtalk) I have been using for twenty years. Now that has expired, I assume, since I haven’t been able to visit Israel for more than two years? Any chance touse this number again?
    2. How can I add a new card to my dual-card iphone before I travel (January 31st). Can I pick up the nano-card itself somewhere at the airport? Could it still be mailed to my German address from somewhere?
    Thanks for helping me!

    1. 1. It is not possible to return an old phone number that has expired.
      2. A new SIM card can be sent to your German address but not received at Tel Aviv Airport

  20. Hello my order that I expected to meet me in israel was just refunded a week after my order was placed. My order number is #28248. I need my SIM card immediately and trusted that your service would get it to me, especially because I paid for expedited shipping. Please please help!

    Thank you.

  21. I ordered a Partner Sim Card, is there any sort of tracking number that will be emailed to me so I know when I will receive it in Israel?

    1. Hello yes of course you can recharge for 9 months in advance.
      Just change the quantity of the order.

  22. My son is getting a SIM card through a Masa program (Aardvark) – is there a plan or option for him to get calls on his USA phone #? Can it be forwarded to his Israeli # (so friends and family don’t need to dial or pay for Israeli #)?

  23. Hi
    Please, help me activate the simcard 972546931735
    I am located in Ukraine now
    How I can activate the simcard and receive SMS?

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