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Choose Rami Levy Mobile  prepaid SIM Card with a plan for your needs. If you already have a Rami Levy SIM card and you only want to renew your plan, please go to recharge Rami Levy Mobile Prepaid SIM card plan .

Rami Levy SIM Card online

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Rami Levi Communications Description

Rami Levy Communications is the cheapest mobile network provider in Israel. The mobile company Rami Levy provides high-quality connection Israeli Prepaid SIM Card and working very well in all Israel.

We provide an online platform to buy Rami Levy Communication SIM cards. We work with the leading telephone operators in Israel and free Israeli SIM cards for starter pay as you go plan. Don’t forget to check or loyalty rewards.

Specification Rami Levy Communication’s Sim Cards

  • Brand: Rami Levy Mobile
  • Network: Rami Levy
  • Payment Option: Prepaid
  • Credit Included: Unlimited Calls & SMS + DATA
  • Use in: Israel
  • SIM Format: Triple Cut SIM
  • Number of Minutes: Unlimited in Israel (up to 2000)
  • Included DATA: up to 120 GB
  • SIM Card Expiration Period: 365 Days (after the last use)
  • Plan Period: 30 Days
  • Connectivity: 3G, 4G, LTE, 5G

Rami Levy Communications Starter Plans Prices

PriceDataDom. Calls / SMSValidExtras
RechargeStarter plan
₪49/$17₪85/$2580GBunlimited30daysRami Levy Cell Phone Plans
₪69/$23₪105/$31120GBunlimited30daysRami Levy Cell Phone Plans

Rami Levy Mobile DATA Speed Test


Please contact your service provider to ensure your phone is not locked to International SIM use.

Our SIM cards are all three sizes in one, therefore there is no need to indicate which size you need.

The Israeli providers’ unlimited usage is restricted to fair and reasonable usage by an average individual.
We provide only prepaid services. No surprise bills at the end of your usage!

Billing and Registration:

You will be notified regarding your bill via the email address you will provide.

Services Not included:

Calls to service numbers (Information, *numbers and toll-free access numbers).
MMS messages.
For questions, please contact us.

Mobile DATA calculator

4 min. a day



4 min. a day



4 min. a day



4 min. aday



4 min. a day



4 pages / day



4 emails / day



4 min. a day



Total: GB

Total: GB

Total: Hours

Total: Hours

How to Buy Rami Levy Communications Prepaid SIM Card

Step 1

Now, we are on Rami Levi Communications Prepaid SIM Card page, and here you have some Futures that you can use. The DATA calculator is helping you to calculate how many gigabytes internet you use approximately per month. Also, you can call us for support if you have some trouble making your Prepaid sim card order.

Rami Levy Communication SIM Card Order Step 1
Rami Levy Communication SIM Card Order Step 1

Step 2

In the section below, you can choose the Rami Levi Communications Prepaid plan. We provide the most popular plans for Rami Levi Communications Israel. In the fields below, we need to type the date that we want to start our SIM Card. When you do that, click on “add to cart” button.

Rami Levy Communication SIM Card Order Step 2
Rami Levy Communication SIM Card Order Step 2

From the card page, please check your order and click on proceed to checkout.

Step 3

On the checkout page, you need to add the usual information to make a payment, like first name, last name, country, street, and the email. (If you use a different email address, from your email address for PayPal, you will receive all order emails on this email, only the payment verification email you will receive it on your PayPal email address.) When you type this information in the fields, click on proceed to PayPal.

Recharge Israeli SIM Card - Order Step 3
Recharge Israeli SIM Card – Order Step 3

We’re working with PayPal payment because this is the most secure payment method that exists.

Step 4

After the payment, you will receive an email from us that is telling you that we are waiting for you to approve the transaction.

Order Email 1
Order Email 1

If it’s not your first order on our website, it’s possible the verification to be automated, and you do not need to do anything.

To approve your payment, you need to log into your PayPal email address to open the email that it’s telling you to verify the payment and to click on the button to verify your payment.

Order Email 2
Order Email 2

This procedure not taking more than one minute. A couple of minutes after you do all this, your phone will start working, or the plan will start on the day that you specify in the order.

Cellcom Shop Online Delivery Options

We are delivering products to any location on the planet, there’s no need for a minimal order. Some extra features include:

  1. Economy shipping between 14 – 25 days costs $17.99
  2. Door to door shipping handled by DHL between 3-5 business days costs $38.99
  3. Delivery Guy only in Tel Aviv costs $4.99


Choose Rami Levy Prepaid Plan

Rami Levy Unlimited calls and SMS + 80GB for 30 Days, Rami Levy Unlimited calls and SMS + 120GB for 30 Days

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